Aston Villa star “Is it a sin to be pretty? I don’t watch soccer, only look at my body” Ha So-yeon → “My goal is to become the best soccer player” → Australian women’s W also participates…

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Alicia Lehmann is the ace of the Aston Villa women’s team in the English Premier League. She is perhaps one of the greatest stars in women’s football. All because she is beautiful. She is also good at soccer. But people keep criticizing her Lehmann. “When the hell does she practice?” she said. But Lehmann said she tried to strike back at people who accused her of doing this herself. “I’m a real footballer!” she said.

The Sun published an article about Lehman on the 13th. Lehmann has made 20 appearances in the women’s league this season, with four goals and two assists.

Although Lehman is leading the attack as a team, there are endless posts criticizing her on social media. Lehmann has 11.8 million followers on her Instagram and 6.5 million on her TikTok. She is the most followed female soccer player in the world.

So, even at the level of her fan management, her Lehmann uploads her private life photos and her appearance playing soccer.

Her problem, she says, is that when she posts pictures of her private life on social media, she “doesn’t even play a match, just takes pictures of her,” and there are people in line criticizing Lehmann.

“People who don’t know me just look at Instagram and social media and don’t know if I actually play soccer,” Lehmann said. .

Lehmann says she trains every day and plays every weekend, just like any other female soccer player. “I am a real footballer,” she said. I train hard every day. I want to be the best player in football. That is my number one priority in life,” she emphasized.

Lehman said she was recently interviewed by The Football Daily. She has come to the point of ignoring those who criticize her online. But her family is hurt, she confided.

“The people who criticize me don’t matter to me,” Lehmann said. It doesn’t even affect me,” she said. “It annoys my family to read it or my friends to ask me about it later.”

As a 24-year-old active soccer player, Lehmann’s dream is naturally related to soccer. He hopes to play in more Women’s Super League games and get more fans to watch.

“Every time we play in a big stadium, I see a lot of fans coming,” said Lehmann. We need support,” he stressed.

Aston Villa’s contract with Lehmann expires at the end of this season. However, the club has already extended the contract with Lehman until next season. Because Lehman has such skill and popularity, the club signed a one-year extension contract early.메이저놀이터

Lehmann also played for West Ham and Everton before joining Aston Villa. He joined the Swiss national team in October 2017 and has played more than 30 matches.

In 2017, Lehmann also guided his team West Ham to the Women’s FA Cup final. Lehmann will represent Switzerland at the Women’s World Cups in Australia and New Zealand this summer.

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