“Arsenal’s cheeky performance is the biggest problem”… The Liverpool Legend’s Blame

April 18, 2023 0 Comments

Arsenal of the English Premier League (EPL) faced the ‘biggest crisis’ this season.

From the beginning of the season, it is Arsenal that caused a sensation by consistently running at the top of the league. They were enthusiastic, saying that they had come close to winning the championship after 19 years.

However, it has recently experienced a sharp decline. Arsenal went on a shocking two-game winless streak. In both games against Liverpool and West Ham, he scored two goals first and took the lead, then gave up two runs and collapsed.

Man City chased closer. Arsenal have only 74 points with one more game played, and Manchester City, who have played one less game, have 70 points. In fact, the difference in points should be considered as 1 point. 안전놀이터

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta has been in a state of so-called ‘mental breakdown (mental breakdown)’, and he has not been able to find the exact cause and solution.

In this situation, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher analyzed the exact cause of Arsenal’s decline. In fact, it was ‘blame’ for Arsenal.

He said through the UK’s ‘Sky Sports’, “When a team that has not won the championship races for first place, there is always a question mark. Did Arsenal play while being nervous and putting their mental energy into the game?”

“I don’t think Arsenal didn’t do that. They played really good football in the first 30 minutes against Liverpool, but you can’t play that well all the time. The biggest problem with Arsenal right now is that they are arrogant and cocky. It came from performance. They think the game is too easy and play the game too easily. Liverpool match,

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