Another high four…even with a torn elbow ligament, Ohtani is scary.

August 29, 2023 0 Comments

Even with a torn elbow ligament, Ohtani looks scary.

“Japanese star” Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels of America’s Major League Baseball (MLB) hit a high four-pointer despite an elbow injury. He also got a hit. His presence as a hitter is still there.

Ohtani started as the No. 2 designated hitter against the Philadelphia Phillies on Sept. 29 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Ohtani has been declared “out for the season” as a pitcher due to a torn ligament in his throwing right elbow, but he continues to play as a designated hitter because the injury doesn’t seem to affect his hitting.

Ohtani had a multi-hit game on the day, going 1-for-4 with a double, a walk, and a strikeout. He did not have a home run and his slugging percentage dropped slightly from 3-for-5 to 3-for-4.

Ohtani got on base in his first at-bat. With one out in the first inning, he took a fastball from Walker and lined it up the middle. Ohtani’s hit moved Shanyuel from first to second, and he came home on Renjifo’s single in the fifth to give the Angels the lead. Ohtani, however, was unable to capitalize as he was stranded at second.

After leading off the third inning with a single, Ohtani was retired on an infield fly. With the score tied 1-1 in the fourth inning, the Angels had a chance. With runners on second and third, Ohtani stepped to the plate. But with the bases loaded, there was no one to go toe-to-toe with Ohtani, the Angels’ best hitter. After a hard-fought walk, Walker was stuck at 3B, and a high-fourth-pitch call came from the bench. The only thing Ohtani had to smile about was the fact that Drury, who was facing him, hit a two-run double off Walker. While the call may have been frustrating for Ohtani individually, it helped the team.

In his first game back after being diagnosed with a torn elbow ligament, Ohtani also hit a high four-seamer against the New York Mets. Opposing pitchers and teams didn’t seem to associate his elbow injury with him at all.토토사이트

Ohtani wasn’t all smiles, though. He struck out in his fourth at-bat of the sixth inning as his team fell behind. In his fifth at-bat of the eighth, he grounded into an infield single.

The Angels were down 4-6, and Ohtani couldn’t get a foothold in the game. He was forced to watch his team lose their second straight game.

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