Another challenge grill ‘Yuldaejang’ Yu-ri Kim “It’s the age of 100 years…”

April 20, 2023 0 Comments

“It’s the 100th century, and I’m no different from a child,” said Yu-ri Kim (31, former member of GS Caltex), who is looking forward to the next time with leisure. 

Her second retirement, and a new beginning in another form. Middle blocker Kim Yu-ri, who led the team at GS Caltex with captain Han Su-ji (34), the eldest sister line, and the atmosphere maker ‘Yul (Yuri) Captain’, is leaving the court.

Previously, on the 16th, Kim Yu-ri started greeting, “Hello, I am volleyball player Kim Yu-ri,” through her personal SNS account on the 16th, and said, “I think you would have been very surprised to suddenly announce the retirement like this. Looking back, there were a lot of good things and a lot of hard things, but I think the reason I was able to come this far is because of the fans’ support.” 

On the 18th, Kim Yu-ri, who conducted an interview with this magazine, said, “Someday (retirement news) should be delivered, and rather than being posted on the club account as a notice, I thought I should inform the fans first, so I posted it.” 

It was her goal to have her playing career by the age of 34. It was a knee injury that got worse and worse.  

When asked about his injury status, Yu-ri Kim confessed, “I should have lengthened my rehabilitation since the Kobo Cup. His one-footed landing also put a formidable strain on his knee.

“Until this season, I did some exercise, but then in November I talked to the coach and went to three hospitals, but only one recommended surgery and the other two are talking in the direction of taking it easy, but playing volleyball and taking it easy Can I exercise? I can’t imagine, actually, I’ve always had trouble taking care of my legs.”

One day, the symptoms got so bad that I couldn’t even sit properly. As the situation worsened, there were not many options. After consulting with manager Cha Sang-hyun, Kim Yu-ri decided to put an end to her career as an athlete. 

“Looking back later, I think I will miss the support of the fans. Somebody will buy clothes with my name on them and bring them back. When will I have this experience again in my life, I had a fan in the 3rd grade of elementary school, and if you can come by bus alone I joked that I was quitting (a player), he is now in his second year of middle school, now he can ride the bus alone, but he really quit, I think he really played volleyball with the fans. 먹튀검증

” Because the situation was so painful, he responded in a joking tone, saying that it was close to ‘escape’. Now, at an age when you have to explore a completely new path, the second withdrawal has a different meaning. Another start is difficult, but the time to leap again is long. 

Kim Yu-ri laughed, saying, “It’s the age of 100 years, and I’ve only lived 1/3, so then I’m no different than a child.” 

I’ve only played volleyball so far, so I haven’t been able to figure out the outline of ‘next’ yet. She has also obtained a leadership qualification and has a university degree, but it is not something that can be written straight away.

He said, “I still have a rehabilitation process until May, I’m going to find out what I like after I’ve rehabilitated and rested a bit,” he said in a more comfortable tone, conveying his ‘second challenge’.

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