An important year… An Chi-Hong “Play baseball in the fall!”

February 19, 2023 0 Comments

“I really want to play baseball this fall!”

Professional baseball Lotte is drawing a sketch for the new season. I am in the middle of a spring camp in Guam. Overseas field training that took place in 3 years. Everyone is burning with enthusiasm, regardless of you. In particular, the eyes of infielder Ahn Chi-hong (33) are sharp. He is actively working on it, such as conducting base running training before regular training. An Chi-hong said, “I camp in a warm place for the first time since the pandemic. It definitely feels different from last year. I am trying to put the team called Lotte first rather than personal things.”

◆ The weight of the captain

The C (Captain) engraved on his chest seems to shine. He will lead the team following Jun-woo Jeon, who served as the captain for the past two years. This is the first time after transfer. During the 2019 season, when he was a member of KIA, he switched from temporary captain to official captain and stood at the forefront of the team. An Chi-hong signed a 2+2 year free agent (FA) with Lotte ahead of the 2020 season. He continued his companionship during the 2021 season, agreeing to a two-year mutual agreement option. It has been three years since Min Byung-hun (retired) in 2019-2020 that a free agent transfer student became the captain of the Giant Corps.

What does Ahn Chi-hong think of leadership? The keyword is leading by example. He prefers to show by action rather than saying a lot. He said, “As a senior, I think it’s important to move first so that (the juniors) can see and learn.” In fact, Ahn Chi-hong usually doesn’t reveal himself much. Still, as much as he wears an armband, there must be many times when he has to step forward. When asked about his hardest points, he said, “Not yet. If I had to mention it, his reaction and voice were a little louder than usual for the team

◆ A Time of Change

The 2023 season is very important to Lotte. After years of focus on rebuilding, now is the time to bear fruit. Many changes can be seen everywhere. A major reinforcement was attempted. In Stove League, he embraced catcher Yoo Gang-nam, infielder Noh Jin-hyuk, and pitcher Han Hyun-hee. Up to 17 billion won was invested in only three people. It is also the captain’s job to ensure that they can integrate well into the team.바카라, He said, “(Roh) Jin-hyeok hyung and (Han) Hyeon-hee are the same, but I look forward to seeing a picture of (Yu) Gang-nam wearing a Lotte uniform and watching the catcher.”

On the other hand, Lee Dae-ho, who was the mental support, is no longer in the lineup. The end of last season ended his active career. It is difficult to erase Lee Dae-ho’s vacancy in an instant. It is urgent to find a new hitter number 4 right now. Ahn Chi-hong, Han Dong-hee, Jeon Jun-woo, and foreign hitter Jack Rex are likely to be placed in the center. He acknowledged, “It can come as a burden that there is no great senior Lee Dae-ho this year,” but added, “We are professional players. We have to do our best so that the team can go up in each position.”

◆ Clear motivation

Personal motivation is also clear. At the end of this season, he will become a free agent again. He always shouts that the team comes first, but he’s lying if he says he doesn’t care. “I cannot deny the fact that it is a personally important year,” he said, taking luck. “If the team survives, each player can eventually be recognized. It is a big driving force for the team to achieve good results.” He said, “I really want to show the fans who have been waiting for baseball in the fall. I will make sure that I can continue without injury,” he added.

atmosphere,” he laughed.

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