Alina 7 goals, Gabina save show… Busan Facilities Corporation, first win in the handball league (overall)

The Busan Facilities Corporation, which put foreign players at the forefront, decorated the first game of the SK Handball Korea League Women’s Division in the 2022-2023 season with a great victory.

The Busan Facilities Corporation, led by coach Kang Jae-won, beat Daegu City Hall 37-21 at the Citizens Gymnasium in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do on the 6th.토토사이트

The Busan Facilities Corporation, the only one of the eight women’s clubs this season to employ foreign players, scored seven goals as Belarusian left-back Alina, and Brazilian goalkeeper Gabina, who also played an active role last season, recorded an ERA of 46.7% (14/30). did.

For the Busan Facilities Corporation, Lee Mi-kyung, who played in Japan last season, returned and scored 7 goals that day, scoring the most goals in the team along with Alina.

In the previous match, Gwangju City Corporation, the runner-up last season, defeated Gyeongnam Development Corporation 28-25.

Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation, which is designated as the ‘2nd round’ along with SK Sugar Gliders this season, Kang Gyeong-min and Kim Ji-hyun scored 6 goals each, and Song Hye-soo also scored 5 goals.

In Gyeongnam Development Corporation, Kim So-ra and Choi Ji-hye scored 5 goals each and fought hard.