A billionaire at the age of 20 with ‘Parent Chance’ → Romeo sponsored by 1.8 billion on a 7.5 billion luxury yacht

January 11, 2023 0 Comments

 David Beckham’s son Romeo Beckham (20) joined English Premier League (EPL) Brentford on the 7th.

The club said, “We recruited Romeo from Inter Miami until the end of this season. He joined on loan and will be joining the Brentford B team.”

In fact, it is true that Romeo is not evaluated for his excellent soccer skills. But thanks to his father, owner Beckham, he was playing for Inter Miami.

This time, he entered the EPL, which all soccer players envy. Beckham posed with Romeo in front of the stadium bearing the Brentford club logo.

Romeo is making good use of his parental halo, not even his father, but even his mother, Victoria Beckham. Already he has become a billionaire thanks to his parents Chance. His holiday yacht costs £5m and he has a £1.2million sponsorship deal from a sports brand, leading a completely different life than his peers.

According to the British media The Sun, ‘Generation Z’ Romeo, who became a billionaire thanks to his parents’ chance, is now proudly reborn as his own brand.

Romeo, who inherited his parents’ superiority DNA, also worked as a model for famous brands with his good looks. And thanks to inheriting his father’s genes, he is a full-time footballer.

Romeo first trained at Arsenal in 2014 when he was 12 years old, fostering his football dreams. But he was released from the team after one year.

So he started playing tennis instead of soccer. He pursued his dream of winning Wimbledon and even hired Andy Murray as his coach.

However, he gave up tennis midway and put on soccer shoes again. It’s 2020. The tennis court at his father’s house in Miami was turned over to make a soccer field. 바카라

A year later, he also received the privilege of joining Inter Miami, whose father is the owner. Eventually, this led him to wear a Brentford uniform.

His lifestyle is truly jaw-dropping. In London, he lives in a mansion worth £31 million, or about 47 billion won.

On his vacation, he also enjoys spending time with his model girlfriend on the beaches of Miami on a £5m, £7.5bn superyacht.

And last year he also received a £1.2 million sponsorship from a European-based sports brand. He’s really nothing to envy at 20 years old.

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