The challenge of being in the hotel marketing industry is the overwhelming amount of competition. Especially with the growth in popularity of websites, it’s become even more challenging to stand out against the competition to gather more bookings. While hotel marketers are all too familiar with these challenges, they are still tasked with hitting (and hopefully exceeding) their metrics, which are often tied to bookings.

So what can a struggling hotel marketer do? How do you make sure people can find your hotel in the first place, and then get so excited they can’t wait to book their stay? Have no fear: here are 5 no-fail tips to increase your hotel sales.

1. Offer Direct Booking Discounts

Increase your bookings by enticing your website visitors to book with your property directly! This tactic will not only bring you more business, but it’ll also save you money because it’ll help you eliminate OTA commission fees. If your customers see that you offer incentives by booking on your website, they will start to think of your site as the most credible communication tool too.

What kind of incentives can you offer? Your only as limited as your imagination. Offer a bottle of wine, a discount at the hotel restaurant or bar, or maybe even 15% off their overall booking.

2. Seasonal promotions

Most destinations experience a low season, where tourism is not as active as other parts of the year. However, with the right deals your hotel doesn’t have to suffer through empty rooms and hallways.

Simply reducing the room rate might not be the best idea, as it won’t necessarily guarantee an increase in occupancy. Instead, try to incorporate discounts with more eye-catching promotions like ‘Summer Getaways’ and ‘Winter Retreats’ and remind travelers how beautiful your destination is and how much they can see when there are fewer crowds.

Seasonal promotions can be a great way to bring back customers who have stayed with you before.

3. Host a Social Media Contest

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are amazing platforms to use to connect with your customers. You can post photos of your beautiful property or links to your blog for your fans, or you could spice things up and draw them in with a little friendly competition.

One approach is to craft a branded hashtag and set up a selfie station in one of the prettiest areas of your hotel. Then, ask people to post a picture of themselves in the station on social media and instruct them to include your hashtag to be entered to win a prize. This memorable marketing will increase your brand awareness so that when someone is looking for a place to stay, they’ll think of you first.

4. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

According to Statista, in 2018 mobile traffic was responsible for 52% of global internet traffic. This means that every two people, one is visiting your website from a mobile platform, so it’s really important that your website is optimized for mobile devices.

5. Connect to the world’s best OTAs via a Channel manager

Entire Business Solutions System integrates with the best-in-class channel managers from across the globe to help you connect with the most popular OTAs, and increase your online visibility and occupancy.

With these hotel sales tips, you’ll offer the best hotel experience available and market it in ways that draw in big business. Don’t forget to subscribe to us. Contact us for a hospitality solution in Nepal