159 km Sudurook, ERA in the 1-2 point range… The best ever after opening the Japanese WBC mound

January 27, 2023 0 Comments

Japan made the best mound to win the WBC.

Japan national team coach Hideki Kuriyama directly announced the additional list of 18 WBC players on the 26th and confirmed the final 30 players. It is evaluated as the best dream team of all time in both mound and offense, including five major leaguers. In particular, the pitching of 15 pitchers is strong. Even if you look at the speed, 155 km is basic.  

Starting with major league special pitcher Darvish Ryu (San Diego Padres), dual-style star Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), Japan’s best starting pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Orix Buffaloes), and perfect pitcher Rocky Sasaki (Chiba Lotte Marines), the starting lineup is the best ever. is class 

Shōsei Dogo (Yomiuri), Hiroto Takahashi (Chunichi Dragons), Hiromi Ito (Nippon Ham Fighters), Shota Imana (Yokohama DeNA), and left-handers such as Keiji Takahashi (Yakult Swallows) and Hiroya Miyagi (Olix) Two were also selected. It seems that it will be used in the form of starting or responsible for 2 innings.  스포츠토토

The bullpen in charge of the back door is also formidable. Out of 12 clubs, three closers joined. Lefties Yuki Matsui (Rakuten Golden Eagles), Ryoji Kuribayashi (Hiroshima Toyo Carp), and Daisei (Yomiuri Giants) all earned 30 or more saves. A powerful duo was selected, including Udakawa Yuki (Orix), who threw 159 km, and Yuwasa Atsuki (Hanshin Tigers), who won 43 holds.

All 15 players are throwing fastballs over 150km. Sasaki and Ohtani covered 160km, and Yamamoto and Darvish covered 159km. The finishing pitchers all boast fastballs ranging from 153 to 159 km. Daisei also threw 159 km. Lefty Miyagi and Imanaga average fastballs of 145-146 km, but at one point threw fastballs that exceeded 150 km. 

All pitchers have stable control. Except for one or two players, he comes equipped with a forkball, and has excellent control of breaking balls, from blade sliders to slow curves. He posted an earned run average in the 1-2 range most of the time. Darvish (3.10) and Miyagi (3.16) have two 3-point ERAs. Yamamoto threw 193 innings and pitched with an ERA of 1.68. Except for Darvish Ryu (36), all are in their 20s. 

On March 10th, Korea will face Japan for the second match of the first round. With 46,000 people gathered at the Tokyo Dome, Japan is showing its will to defeat its eternal rival Korea. There is also a possibility that Ohtani will be put forward as a starting pitcher for box office success. Korean batsmen, including top hitter Lee Jeong-hoo in the KBO League, had the task of breaking through Japan’s thick shield.

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